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Reasons Why We Reject Applications

1. You don't credit your icons. If you don't know who made one of your icons, please write "iconmaker unknown" or something similar in the keywords/comment field. Also, if you use icons you made yourself, please state so, otherwise we won't know that they're your icons.

2. You are a member of an icon stealing community, or are a well known graphics thief.

3. Your account is brand new (not yet a month old). Sorry, but there are so many sock puppet accounts out there made just for stealing icons, and we don't want to take that risk. Please have patience and feel free to apply again when your journal is a bit older.

4. You have no icons uploaded - thus the question: why join an icon community when you don't use the things?

5. Your have only icon/graphics communities on your friends-list.

6. There are no entries in your journal, or very few, and your comments status is also low. Basically, your journal is inactive.

7. We do not approve any requests from graphics communities. Please apply with your personal journal!

Please understand that approving or rejecting an application is nothing personal, we only make the decision based on our rules. Feel free to re-apply in case your request was rejected.


1. Credit:
  • please credit all the graphics taken from [ profile] magic_art, not just the icons! If you're using one of our banners or mood themes, make sure to credit us somewhere in your profile
  • credit the community [ profile] magic_art, not the artists ([ profile] nerhegeb and [ profile] erised_dream). Here's a detailed tutorial on How To Credit Icons by [ profile] eyesthatslay
  • for art icons, please also give credit to the original artist too.
Here's how to credit icons:

2. Do not alter without permission: please check with us first before changing anything.

3. Textless icons are not bases: please do not use them as such.

4. Comment and let us know what you took. We put a lot of work and time into our graphics, and it makes us happy to hear from you guys. :)

5. Do not hotlink: we won't re-upload the graphics if we run out of bandwidth. Why Hotlinking is Bad by [ profile] eyesthatslay.

6. Do not repost our graphics elsewhere or claim them as your own, that's called stealing.

7. We do not customise icons. They stay the way they are posted, so please don't ask us to add/remove text, or use another font, or anything of the sort.

8. We do not take requests. While we welcome suggestions, please don't expect us to create whole sets based on your idea(s).

9. About specials:
  • we won't post the textless versions of the icons, we never did and don't intend to do so in the future;
  • we won't make more icons than already stated: if it's only for the first 30, then all later comments will be ignored, so please check the number of comments before requesting;
  • one icon per person only, please don't request more;
  • the icons aren't of the mix 'n' match sort, e.g. please don't ask us to make icon #1 with the font of icon #4;
  • please let us know when you have picked up your personalised graphic.


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